The Niacin Restoration Protocol

The Niacin Restoration Protocol on this website is inspired by the work of Dr. Willard Krehl in the 1940s and more recently by Dr. Dmitry Kats (epidemiologist). It has gone through several evolutions over the decades, but has always included Niacin as the basis.

The protocols on this website include high doses of Flush Niacin and is specifically for people who want or need to HEAL. These protocols are ones that our team of wellness enthusiasts (with science or medical backgrounds) have all tried. We do not recommend that anyone try these – we are merely sharing information and our own experiences.

The co-factors in the various protocols have included L-glutamine, lactoferrin, folic acid (B9), Vitamin E, Selenium and other Vitamin Bs such as B6 and B12. For more information on the co-factors, go here.

The current protocol are listed here (always evolving) and the past protocols are here.

People in our community have their favorites. If you decide to join in, figure out which protocol helps you the best. Make it your own. We are all different.

Tips for Success

  • Timing – We usually take protocol 20-30 minutes after a meal. If you take on an empty stomach, the flush may be much stronger.
  • Capsules vs Bulk – Some people start the protocol with capsules to test it out. If you proceed further, we recommend switching to the bulk forms of each item once you run out of capsules as it is easier to measure and much cheaper. Take a look at our buying guide to see what works for you.
  • Mix with Water (Cold or Room Temperature) – Take protocol with pure filtered water or distilled water. If you are taking items in bulk, be sure to mix them in a 6-10 oz glass of water. Mix well and let it sit a couple of minutes so its all dissolved. Then drink all at once. Your flush should start shortly. If you are using capsules, you can even empty the capsules into water and mix well. Do NOT use warm water with this protocol as it will destroy L-Glutamine. Warm water is fine with the other protocols that did not include L-Glutamine.
  • Pharmaceuticals – It is recommended by doctors who use this protocol to avoid ALL pharmaceuticals, even over the counter ones, during this protocol, if possible. If you are on a lot of prescription pharmaceuticals or under a doctor’s care, consult with your medical provider before embarking on this protocol. We do not recommend getting off any life-saving medication. Please consult your doctor.
  • Other Supplements– We recommend not taking any other supplements during this protocol to best observe the full therapeutic benefits. In our research we discovered that once your Niacin levels are restored, you will not need to supplement with things like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, etc. anymore as they will be restored as well. Note: we did however continue to use the Zeolite Pure Body Extra detox spray as we felt it would not impede Niacin uptake and would further help your body to gently detox.
  • Phenols – Avoid coffee, tea, and alcohol as they can hinder the restoration of your Niacin levels due to high levels of phenols. If you must have coffee, we advise that you make sure you drink it a few hours away from taking your Niacin protocol. Alcohol will negatively affect the benefit of the flush.
  • Therapeutic doses – If you need to heal deep or chronic health issues, consider progressing up to the therapeutic doses (2g – 5g Niacin for Adults). If you do not have deep issues to heal, consider staying at the maintenance/prophylactic dose.
  • Side Effects – As you progress, you may feel unpleasant side effects from the flush such as a racing heart rate, a lot of mucus coming up, cough or scratchy throat, etc. That is your body detoxing. If these effects concern you, try bumping your dose back down and taking it slower. Listen to your body. Take this at your own pace. Consult a coach if you need to.

Dietary Tips

The following are dietary tips for when you are on the protocol:

  • Water – drink as much pure, filtered or distilled water as you can. 
  • Phenols – try to avoid food and drink with high levels of phenols. That includes coffee, tea or alcohol. They interfere with the protocol. If you must drink coffee or tea, make sure it is hours away from the Niacin protocol.
  • Food – eat a balanced diet. Try to include all food groups (meat, fish, dairy, fruit, veggies, grains). It would not be advisable to fast during the protocol.
  • Raw Milk – if you have access to raw milk, it is very beneficial while on the protocol. Trying finding a source in the US here or worldwide here.

May the Flush Be With You!

***Disclaimer: This website was created for informational purposes only and has no ties to any supplement or drug company or any doctor. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website. We are merely biohackers, trying to heal ourselves and passing our knowledge, research and experience onto others.***